– Why donate tips?
Simplicity! We wanted to take the path of least resistance– cash in one hand, and back into the community with the other. No waiting for someone else to write the check. We hope to empower tipped employees, and show them how easy it can be to make a lasting difference in their communities. We want to show our guests, and each other, that WE are the face of change in our industry.

– Do I need my business’s permission to participate?
Why would you? It’s your money! That being said, we probably would recommend getting the OK before using a business’s name to advertise your participation, and/or your intent to make a donation with your tips. If you would like to be listed as a participant, but would prefer NOT to have your place of work listed, please email us at info@shiftchange.me.

– What if I’m not working on April 7th, but still want to participate?
There’s a lot you can still do! You can support people who are donating their tips. You can amplify the message on social media #TipOutDay2019. You can make a donation to a relevant organization, email a receipt to info@shiftchange.me and we’ll list you alongside the other participants. And you can always donate your tips from a different shift!

– What if I won’t get all of my tips until a later date, or won’t know how much made that shift until a later date?
Not a problem! We ask that participants make their donations in full by Monday, April 22rd. That gives 15 days for checks to clear, pay periods to end, direct deposits to show up, etc, etc.

– Can businesses participate?
Yes! We recommend matching a tipped employee who is participating so they can be the primary face of the contribution. If you choose to match tips, be sure to let us know at info@shiftchange.me. We strongly recommend tip-matching as opposed to a percentage of sales. To let us know you’re matching, just complete the submission process, entering your business’s information, then send an email to us at info@shiftchange.me. We’ll be in touch and will make sure the listing reflects the fact that the business is participating as well as their employee.

– How will I know when my sign-up is complete?
You’ll receive an automated email via gmail first. Further emails will be sent via Mail Chimp with details. Check your spam filters, and add our Mail Chimp emails to your contact list!

– How can I inform my guests that I’m donating my tips on Tip Out Day?
We have attached logos and fliers to all emails we send out, and you’re welcome to print them yourself. However, we found that when you give your guest their check, simply saying, “Just so you know, 100%* of my tips today are being donated to a local sexual violence prevention organization,” worked really well! If they want more info, they’ll usually just ask for it 🙂
*or whatever amount you signed up to give

– Why do yall need my business’s contact information and my contact information?
We need to make sure your business exists before listing it on our website; we will not otherwise contact your place of business. We need your information so we not only know that you exist, but so we can help put you in touch with your charity, and vice versa, if need be. We do not sell your information to anyone, nor do we add you to any mailing lists that you do not first opt into.

– What should I do if I’m having trouble making contact with the charity I’d like to donate to?
If this happens before Tip Out Day, consider finding a different charity, and/or using one of our suggested charities. If this happens after Tip Out Day, send us an email at info@shiftchange.me and we’ll see if we can solve the problem together.

– How do yall select your suggested charities?
Our initial suggested charities this year are the New Orleans Family Justice Center (NOFJC), Women With a Vision (New Orleans), and us– Shift Change (New Orleans).  The first two are longtime leaders in the fight to end sexual violence and harassment whose efforts we are proud to support. Donations for NOFJC can be earmarked for a “Healing & Accountablity Summit,” taking a survivor-centered look at Domestic/ Intimate Partner Violence, being planned for June 2019, that Shift Change is helping to coordinate. The third one is us– we’re just trying to catch up our work to all the good that those other two have already done.

The current list also includes all approved organizations from 2018, though that list is subject to change as necessary updates to information may or may not dictate. We’ll add more from cities outside of New Orleans as we are able to vet them. All approved charities will be added to the drop-down menu for suggested charities on the sign-up page, no matter what city they are in. Vetting may consist of verifying the organization’s existence, reaching out to other sexual violence prevention organizations in the community, and/or consulting local community members. All organizations MUST be locally-facing 501(c)3s with a mission statement related to sexual violence prevention. It is ultimately a closed, subjective process, but we’re not an exclusionary bunch and don’t foresee any good faith submissions being turned away.

– What’s the catch?
Well, don’t tell anybody, but we not only want to help raise money, we also want to empower you AND get you in touch with local charity organizations you can be involved with all year round. The catch is that you can be a positive influence in your community, and help end sexual violence in our industry, any of the other 364 days of the year, too. We hope Tip Out Day will spur you on to further action.

– I’m having an issue related to sexual violence and/or sexual harassment. Can you help?
Tip Out Day is solely a fundraising event, not an organization unto its own. It is organized by Shift Change, which IS an organization that can help. You can reach out to Shift Change via the website, www.shiftchange.me, and the organization will do everything they can to get the right resources to you.

– Still unsure?
Send an email to info@shiftchange.me

– Media Inquiries
Requests for press packets, interviews, and any other inquiries should be sent to info@shiftchange.me