Tip Out Day is April 8, 2018.

On Tip Out Day, Tipped employees are asked to donate a portion of their tips to a local charity focused on sexual violence prevention, response, and education.

Tip Out Day exists to encourage bar, restaurant, and nightlife professionals to support building safer spaces within our industry and the communities we serve.

Tip Out Day is a decentralized, grassroots project that is not for profit. For a map of participants visit https://www.tipoutday.com/tip-out-day-2018-map/

We at Tip Out Day facilitate connections, amplify the event, and provide structure to the process. Tip Out Day is completely free of charge.

To sign-up, go to https://www.tipoutday.com/add-your-bar/

About Us

Tip Out Day was created by Molly Bird & Mark Schettler in 2017, and is now organized by Caroline Richter & Mark Schettler. They are the President and Executive Director, respectively, of Shift Change. Shift Change is a New Orleans-based organization (non-profit status pending) engaged in sexual violence awareness, response, intervention, and prevention for bar, restaurant, and nightlife professionals.They are currently engaged in legislative advocacy, building a response & support program for service industry employees facing employment vulnerabilities due to sexual violence, and are working with numerous sexual violence prevention organizations to create a curriculum & certification program for service industry employees & managers. They can be reached at [email protected]

Not working that day but still want to help? Check back here for a list of participating businesses to support on Tip Out Day, or organize your own on a different day that week.